The Rabbit


The Project: Create a gateway sculpture for the new “Underground” exhibit for The Providence Childrenʼs Museum. The sculpture needed to depict a rabbit in bronze and be climbable.

The Solution: I tried to capture the alert stillness of a rabbit that might bolt at any second. The museum wanted the sculpture to be bronze so the high contact areas would eventually be polished to a bright gold from the constant rubbing of little hands. The budget was too small to cast using the lost-wax process, so we cast this sculpture in C02 bonded sand, a less expensive method.

Recollections: It is an interesting challenge maintaining the character of an animal when the scale is increased. If rabbits and squirrels where really as big as the sculptures I’ve made of them, they would be scary. I found that I had to exaggerate some of the anatomy to compensate for this.




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