Conversations in Metal :: Pawtucket School Department, Leon Mathieu Senior Center, and Tunstall


Conversations in Metal an intergenerational art project.

This art project is a partnership between the Pawtucket School Department, the Leon Mathieu Senior Center, Kane Sculpture Studio and Tunstall, a world leader in elder health care services. High school art students and senior citizens, working alongside me, created complex forms in wax which were then cast in aluminum. The students and seniors began the project with a story exchange exercise that helped break the ice and led to deep conversations. Phrases from these conversations were cut into the wax bars that make up the sculptures. Legibility of the text is diminished by the many process steps involved in casting the complex knotted forms of the sculptures, leaving intriguing fragments of the conversations that began the process hidden among the drips welds and tool marks that define the surface.

The project culminated in a multi-discipline show at the Dawn at the Grant Gallery in May of 2016.